Difference in genetic instuctions between male and female

I'm a computer science graduate so please bear with me the following computer program : mov ecx, -1
INC ecx
consist of 2 instructions (mov,inc) each working on specific data , can genetics instuctions be expressed in the same way ? if so what is the difference between male and female(humans) when it comes to the number of instructions and the difference if any (eg , n-instuctions being exclusive to female… etc) ?

Edit#1 :what I mean by instructions is something like a computer program and a programming language commands.

The typical Male has a Y-chromosome, which consists of about 100 genes.

Genes are the instruction sets to make proteins, and proteins do the work of the cell.

Those 100 genes out of about 21,000 in the human genome are what differentiate Males from Females.

That being said, because of how signaling works, Males and Females can exhibit different expression patterns, like function calls, even though they have the same instruction sets, for the most part.

Expression patterns are how genes are activated and deactivated, it is basically a regulatory process that controls the functions of the cell, tissues, organs, and organism.